About Us

AppOriginee is a 100% Indigenous-owned and managed enterprise, our mission is to actively support and uplift Indigenous tourism products and services and to serve the Indigenous economy. With a deep commitment to promoting cultural preservation and fostering economic empowerment, AppOriginee plays a pivotal role in showcasing the richness and diversity of Indigenous cultures, tours and love for our Country.


Through our platform, AppOriginee creates opportunities for Indigenous communities to share their unique heritage, traditions, and stories with the world. We understand the importance of Indigenous tourism to preserve cultural identity, generate sustainable income, and promote cross-cultural understanding. It opens the opportunities of working on our own country, celebrating our own culture while protecting our ancient stories. 


AppOriginee is deeply invested in empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses. Our founder GudjuGudju Fourmile has worked tirelessly to get this platform off the ground and initiated the journey before we had smartphones.


By providing a platform and resources, we enable Indigenous tourism operators to thrive and reach a wider audience. This support extends to capacity-building initiatives, fostering skills development, and offering mentorship opportunities to help Indigenous tourism providers grow and succeed.


One of the key strengths of AppOriginee is their commitment to celebrating Indigenous tourism. They recognise the value and significance of Indigenous knowledge, art, music, dance, and traditional practices. Through their platform, they curate authentic and immersive experiences that allow travellers to engage with Indigenous cultures in respectful and meaningful ways.


AppOriginee understands that Indigenous tourism is not just about economic growth; it is about preserving heritage, fostering cultural pride, and promoting self-determination. They actively collaborate with Indigenous communities, elders, and cultural custodians to ensure that the tourism experiences they offer are grounded in authenticity, respect, and reciprocity.


By choosing to engage with AppOriginee, travellers have the opportunity to support Indigenous communities directly. Every booking made through their platform contributes to the sustainable development of Indigenous tourism, helping to create positive social impact and empowering Indigenous voices.


In summary, AppOriginee is more than a business – it is a powerful force for change in the Indigenous tourism industry. Through their unwavering dedication, they uplift and celebrate Indigenous tourism products and services, while creating a bridge between Indigenous cultures and global travellers, fostering understanding, respect, and appreciation for the richness of Indigenous heritage.